Afterschool program

The Lucia De Conz Foundation hosts an afterschool program called Opplà in collaboration with the Cooperative Sociale Società Nuova (the managing institution of the afterschool program), as well as the San Gregorio nelle Alpi town administration and the G. Rodari scholastic institution in Santa Giustina.

The afterschool program is based on the importance of:

1.helping children feel that they have an active part in the management of the Opplà community; and

2.experiencing one’s childhood in a less formally structured environment.

For these reasons, the children’s experiences at the Lucia De Conz Foundation become malleable and rich moments, backgrounds of adventures, and opportunities to care for their environment.

The 10 Natural Rights of Girls and Boys by Gianfranco Zavalloni

  1. The right to idle time (to live moments of time that have not been programmed by adults)
  2. The right to get dirty (to play with sand, dirt, grass, leaves, water, rocks and branches)
  3. The right to smell (to perceive the pleasure of different scents and to recognize the smells of nature)
  4. The right to communicate (to listen, to be able to speak, to interrupt and to have a conversation)
  5. The right to use one’s hands (to hammer nails and to saw and scrape wood; to sand, glue and mould clay; to tie ropes; to light a fire)
  6. The right to a good start (to eat healthy food during early childhood, to drink clean water and to breathe clean air)
  7. The right to be streetwise (to play freely in squares and to walk along the streets)
  8. The right to the uncivilized (to build a play hideout in the woods, to hide in the rushes and to climb trees)
  9. The right to silence (to listen to the sound of the wind, the songs of the birds, the gurgling of the water)
  10. The right to the shades of the day (to see the sunrise and the sunset and to admire the moon and the stars at night)