Afterschool program

The Lucia De Conz Foundation hosts an afterschool program called Opplà in collaboration with Società Nuova (the managing institution of the afterschool program), the Town of San Gregorio nelle Alpi and the G. Rodari scholastic institution in Santa Giustina.

The afterschool program encourages children to have an active role in the management of the Opplà community and the care of the environment around them. The grounds of the Foundation serve as the backdrop for adventures, and enriching, didactic activities are often organized in these informal settings.

In 2013, the Town of San Gregorio nelle Alpi needed a location to host an after-school program. For the next four years, the facilities and grounds of the Lucia De Conz Foundation served as the home to elementary-aged children attending the the Opplà program. In collaboration with the Town of San Gregorio nelle Alpi in 2018, the Foundation decided to construct a new building, where young children can study, play and grow in a safe and welcoming environment. This marvellous, modern and environmentally friendly building was inaugurated on April 13, 2019.